Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Water Secret by Dr Murad

If you follow my blog then you might know that I have quite acne-prone skin and while I think it has gotten better now I am in my late 20's there are times when I feel at a loss at what to do with my skin. It feels like when I make some progress I can just as easily undo it in a few days. It's not so much the spots themselves but the scars and bad skin texture they leave behind. I have long since learnt that I cannot rely on products alone to overcome this but it is something I find tough, even though I am greatly interested in healthy things I am not naturally one who follows these things. For one I have a very sweet tooth which doesn't help matters!

I haven't rushed to do a whole bunch of changes at once as I know I'd be less likely to stick to them but I have been slowly (v-e-r-y slowly) trying to incorporate more healthy foods and exercise into my lifestyle to aid my skin and general wellbeing.

Earlier this year when I was introduced to the new Anti-Aging Acne range by Murad, there was one item that I was given that I have found rather valuable and that is Dr. Murad's book, The Water Secret. The Water Secret is not about drinking lots of water (which I am rubbish at) but rather to do with how well the body's cells hold water, so that if they are well hydrated (and this is more through 'eating' water as opposed to just drinking it), they can perform all their important functions in the body.

It is packed full of information, guidance and recipes and is easy to read as well as being very positive in tone. I wouldn't say it's a diet book, it goes much further and looks at all aspects of lifestyle that contribute to a person's overall wellbeing and looks at ways in which you can improve these areas.  

This leads me on to one of the things I have recently started doing, and that is making a smoothie every morning for breakfast. I am definitely a breakfast eater but not a tea/coffee (apart from herbal tea) drinker so having an alternative breakfast beverage is a must.

This is from a recipe we were given for the Water Secret Smoothie which is loaded with ingredients that contain 'key nutrients and phytochemicals to optimize water content in the cells while also building and strengthening connective tissue'. Packed full of antioxidants to help the skin but also (although it's hard to tell with these sorts of things) I think this is helping me with this very changeable weather and *touch wood* I haven't caught any coughs/colds which a few members of my family have at the moment.

1/2 cup blueberry juice (unsweetened). I was planning to buy fresh blueberries but found this Biona organic blueberry juice at the Nutricentre. It's also available in Wholefoods (where it's cheaper) and some health food shops.
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup raspberries. I have recently switched to frozen ones as they're cheaper and can keep for longer.
1 tablespoon lecithin granules - available in health food shops (this 250g has lasted me a month so far and I have a little left).
1 small banana

Ice cubes/crushed ice
Agave nectar/stevia extract (stevia is not available in the UK - it is now)

This recipe makes quite a lot (enough for about 2 glasses) so I use a bit less of the ingredients.

It's a small step but one I hope will get me on track with achieving a more healthy me and better skin!


  1. Sounds like an interesting read, I'm not sure I have time to make smoothies in the morning as that is my time of chaos, but I'll make a note of that and give it a try at the weekends as it sounds really nice :)

  2. So understand what you mean with "feeling at a loss at what to do with my skin". I'm there myself. I actually started taking antibiotics for my acne as I got so tired of changing skin care products and overdoing it at the gym.

    Eating less sugar does help for me. But what helps most seems to be using an oil based cleanser to remove every bit of makeup on my face before using my regular cleanser. I also invested in a Clarisonic that has made my face look and feel so much smoother. I don't use it as often as I used to since I'm on medication now, but I still use it once a week for good exfoliation.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Replica
    It is a yummy smoothie (I love berries!) and it does feel good when I've made it myself.

    Hi fieran
    I have been previously prescribed a topical antibiotic gel which has helped, but I really want to look internally and see if I can make a difference through eating better (I'm trying to cut down on sugar), supplementation and exercise so that I'm improving my lifestyle too.
    I've recently been using cleansing balms but I have my trusty oil cleanser on standby once these are finished as I agree, these clean like nothing else. I do have a Clarisonic but I use this about 1-2 times a week.

  4. Great blog post Meeta! As Dr. Murad says the key to great skin is inclusive health! Incorporating the 3-step method, topical, emotional and internal care can really make a huge difference!