Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hydrodermabrasion Facial at Hydrohealing Review

I have walked past the Hydrohealing Day Spa in Notting Hill, London a few times and was curious about the Hydrodermabrasion facial they offer. Anything with the word 'hydro' or referencing water definitely gets my attention! I have never had microdermabrasion, but this is different as it's gentle and is supposed to be good for acne-prone skin like mine. I had this treatment a while back in August and being a bit slack this post has been sitting in my list since then.

The spa is located on Kensington Park Road, a short walk from Ladbroke Grove tube station. It's a clean and bright blue place and doesn't feel intimidating when you walk in. I was greeted by my therapist who gave me a form to fill out and I took a seat in the dimly lit relaxing waiting area.

I would say the treatment room itself even though clean, minimal and quite nice looking is not as lux as some other places - the bed itself is more a standard flat treatment bed and not some soft, cushy bed, but having said that it is not uncomfortable and is quite relaxing.

The facial starts off with a cleanse to remove any makeup on the skin. Ren products are used in the facial (and it is bespoke to your skin type) and on me she first cleansed with the Hydracalm cleansing gel.
Then onto to the interesting bit with the hydrodermabrasion. A saline solution is blasted onto the skin in what felt like a concentrated jet of liquid. This is supposed to help remove impurities and improve the texture of the skin, as well as being deeply moisturising and helping with fine lines and wrinkles. It feels quite strange, like an ice cold wind moving over your face. It was hot outside that day so it was quite a welcome feeling and it doesn't hurt at all, but on certain parts of the face like the temples where the skin is close to the bone you can feel the pressure a little more.

Then afterwards the face, neck and shoulders was massaged with the Omega 3 Night Repair Serum, this was done to a medium pressure and felt quite relaxing although I am not one of those people who can ever feel totally chilled with a facial and have yet to come across one that has sent me to sleep! Afterwards a mask was applied (the Clearcalm 3 one). The therapist said that my skin was rather dehydrated (don't I know it; I am terrible at boosting my hydration levels), so she applied the Max Moisture Concentrate, and then I think it was the ClearCalm 3 Night Serum as a moisturiser to finish off.

My skin did feel calm and much more softer and well hydrated then before so that it felt a little more plumper although I didn't see much difference to blemishes, but I think I would have to have a few more treatments to see a difference in this respect.

This facial is expensive at £85 for 60mins, but I filled out an online consultation form to get 20% off my first one.


  1. I've always liked the idea of having a facial but fear that my skin is just to reactive so don't want to take the risk. This one sounds good though, do you think you will go back for more treatments?

  2. Hi Replica
    I think I will at some point as I did like how this made my skin feel and would be interested to see if a few more treatments would improve my acne.

    I normally don't get facials very often (maybe 1-2 a year) but am now trying to get them done more regularly, it's just that from past experience the best ones seem to be more costly so it's just getting my head round spending that much each time. I am so used to spending on product rather then treatment.

  3. Yes I know what you mean about the price for one use as it were and I would think you would have to keep going back for results as if you bought an £85 cream you'd have to keep using it rather than use it once. I guess its an investment and you need to find somewhere that you trust.
    Speaking of acne have you tried that clear skin milk drink thing? I've heard good things from reviews and have been close to picking some up.

  4. Hi Replica
    Do you mean the Clear Skin by Works With Water? I did buy a months supply from the website and I have a week left. I am going to do a proper review when I finish although I might wait as I am considering getting another month supply.

    The first week it did seem like it was working - getting much less breakouts, only few small spots but into 2nd week my skin went a bit crazy (that week I slipped on healthy eating and probably hormones running amok too). It's so hard to tell with things like supplements but I think it has helped a bit. I think it's worth a go while there is still the offer.

    I am also looking into other supplements that use that particular Praventin ingredient such as AcneAdvance by Futurebiotics as the Clear Skin is slightly more if I continue to use it and there is no offer.

  5. Hi Meeta,
    Yes thats the one. I think for the cost of it and that I guess it only works while you are taking it does put me off a bit. Thats a good idea looking for a cheaper option of something that contains the same thing, I didn't even think to do that! x