Monday, 27 June 2011

Murad Anti-Aging Acne Skincare Review

Back towards the end of February, I attended an event where we were introduced to the new Murad Anti-Aging Acne range. In the past I have used several products from their existing Anti-Blemish line, so was interested to see how this new range faired as it's designed in particular for adult acne but also addresses fine lines and wrinkles.

The range features 'an advanced Multi-Active Acne Fighting System designed to reduce existing blemishes while preventing new blemishes from forming. Products include Kombucha Collagen Defense™, a proprietary formula which includes Lipid filling and Anti-Glycation agents, Hyaluronic filling spheres, Glucosamine and a unique blend of Amino Acids, which stimulates collagen production while significantly diminishing its breakdown. Silver, a natural antibacterial, eliminates bacteria that have invaded the skin's environment; and encapsulated Salicyclic Acid technology provides hours of sustained treatment'.

All sounds promising, so here's how I got on.

Time Release Acne Cleanser
This is rinse-off cleanser in the form of an unusual whiteish gel, as it looks a little bit like a balm/gel hybrid but acts like a gel. Comes in a standard flip-top tube with a generous 200ml which will last me a good while - the cleanser in the regular anti-blemish line lasted me about 6 months and I think this will be a similar time as I had hardly used much in one month (I used it AM and PM). This feels very gentle and as it has a very mild (almost non-existent) lather, it doesn't leave my skin dry at all.  This 'features encapsulated Salicylic Acid Technology,  the cleanser sustaining wash off by depositing Salicylic Acid with gentle release over time'. I am a bit dubious about this claim as it is hard to tell if it's done anything of the sort.  While it is quite pleasant and gentle to use and leaves my skin feeling clean, I can't really see if it's done much to my skin.

A big dollop, and a little spread out

Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser Ingredients

Anti-Aging Moisturiser SPF 20 PA++
A pleasant, light cream formula that is easily absorbed and doesn't leave any residue. It is off-white in colour but leaves no visible trace as it absorbs well. I like that it has the added sun protection with the UVA as well and still feels very much like a 'normal' moisturiser so I feel happy using this and I have been reaching for this quite often these past few months. I find it helped a little with oil control when the weather was colder but now that it is hotter it doesn't offer enough although I haven't ever come across a product that keeps my face shine-free all day anyway. I quite like the packaging with this one as it has a pointed nozzle to control the amount well. It does a good job of keeping my skin soft, supple and nourished although I haven't seen any extra benefits from using this. The added sun protection is a plus as I don't need to use a separate product.

Murad Anti-Aging Moisturiser Ingredients

Acne and Wrinkle Reducer
This is the standout product in the range for me as I actually noticed a difference when using it. I had a few large red bumpy spots when I first started using this and it has helped to flatten them and minimised the chance of possible scarring which I easily get with these types of spots. This has a gel texture that is quite easy to spread but doesn't leave a sticky residue or film over the skin so it can be used underneath a moisturiser. I only used a small amount at night everyday (on it's own and no moisturiser) and found that considering the effectiveness, it did not dry my face one bit, I didn't wake up with any flakiness etc. I find it doesn't work on every type of spot, for me it seems to be the redder, bumpy, bigger ones it helps out more which is fine by me as these are the most annoying ones that seem to hang around forever but this stops them in their tracks! This doesn't prevent me getting spots as after about 3 weeks I did get quite a horrible breakout and I don't think it was caused by a product but to be sure I did stop using this and then came back to it and have found that my skin is fine so this is helping my post-breakout skin to recover better.

I am 27 and do not have any deep wrinkles, only a few fine lines across my forehead and around the side of my mouth so I cannot really say how it would work for more serious lines but for mine it did help to soften their appearance and overall refine the look of the skin so it feels smoother. I think it also helped a little bit to soften the appearance of some past acne scars I had.

Murad Acne and Wrinkle Reducer Ingredients

All the products have a sage, tea tree and geranium scent which is quite refreshing and not strong, although not much of a deviation from some other acne ranges. 

Overall I didn't find the range harsh in any way and it has been quite pleasant to use, but it is the Acne and Wrinkle Reducer that impressed me out of the three products.

Disclosure: Products were provided without charge at the event


  1. Thanks for your review. I wonder how effective these type of products are. I still struggle with acne and also want wrinkle prevention!

  2. I swear by Murad's Acne and Wrinkle Reducer. Well, I used to (I've finished my bottle and need to get a new one).

    It kept my skin clear(usually I'm a spotty mess) and even though I didn't really sink in, I didn't mind. I used to apply it every night and I swear, my face always looked fresh and good and, well, normal in the mornings!


  3. thanks for the review and comments. I am always looking for something when trying to prevent

  4. Hi productdoctor
    Acne seems to be a never ending battle! I think the Acne and Wrinkle Reducer is definitely worth checking out, I really like this.

    Hi Miss A
    It is a great product, and I was surprised at how quick it got to work even only after a few days.

  5. Hi,
    The Acne and Wrinkle Reducer sounds really good, thanks for posting the ingredients, I'll go through them and see if it will be ok for my skin as I am very tempted by this. Really helpful review x

  6. Hi Leslie
    You're welcome:)

    Hi Replica
    I am glad this has been helpful, if you do try it let me know how you get on x

  7. great and useful information! thanks for sharing!

  8. Back towards the end of February, I attended an event where we were introduced to the new Murad Anti-Aging Acne range. In the past I have used several products from their existing Anti-Blemish line, so was interested to see how this new range faired as it's designed in particular for adult acne but also addresses fine lines and wrinkles.Mike Walden Review