Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Evolve Multi Protein Shampoo & Conditioner Review

A couple of months back my scalp was not feeling too good - it was dry, flaky (kinda gross I know) and I really wanted to find a natural range to help with my scalp woes.

Just to note my hair is just below my shoulders at the moment, has a natural wave and is quite fine and dry. I have never chemically coloured it (I have only ever used Lush Cacas) and I do blow dry it 1-2 times a week, sometimes using straighteners.

I was at the Vitality Show earlier this year and it was nice to be able to speak to some of the people working on the brands face to face and be able to get advice and information about the products and my concerns which is not always available easily with some niche brands (well not in the same way as if I was to waltz into Debenhams and go and speak to someone on say Clinique).

Anyway, I spoke to a lovely lady on the Evolve stand and told her I find it hard getting an effective natural shampoo. She had said they have reformulated their haircare and suggested I try the Multi Protein shampoo and conditioner as it has ingredients beneficial for itchy/flaky scalps.

I didn't get anything then but I kept a mental note and after a bit of a shampoo clearout at home I did go and buy the suggested range from Wholefoods.

The Multi Protein Shampoo is a gel liquid formula that is a little runny so it flows out of the bottle better. I mix this with a little water after applying onto wet hair and this helps it lather and spread out more easily. It rinses out ok but if I use too much I have found it sometimes feels like it hasn't rinsed out properly and then my hair ends up looking greasy (I only found this initially as I was getting used to using this).

That being said the shampoo is excellent on my scalp, it has really improved the flakiness, it doesn't feel itchy or dry, and I think it also stops my hair nearer my roots from getting greasy quickly. My hair feels nourished (and maybe a bit stronger?) and I think I shed a little less hair then before.
For my lengths this isn't quite right, but now I only use the shampoo on my scalp and then use a different lighter shampoo on my lengths which works better for me.

I am definitely going to continue using the shampoo (I have used it for about 2 months now and have about 1/4 of the bottle left), and plan to repurchase it as it has really helped control my scalp problems, I really hope I don't become resistant to the effectiveness of this!

The conditioner feels like a normal conditioner - creamy and moisturising. Again, for my fine hair I didn't need much and this rinses out fine. If I use this after the shampoo, I find it a bit too much for my fine hair and it feels weighed down a bit where as if I use a lighter shampoo before this conditioner then it works better and it does make my hair feel soft, moisturised and a little shiny. It doesn't give me quite the definition I would like to help promote my natural waves so I am not sure if I would repurchase this.

As with all Evolve products, they are natural and certified organic by Ecocert. Both products contain wheat and almond proteins to help strengthen the hair. They also have a sweet almond milky scent that I find a bit unusual to find in a shampoo as it's more the type of scent that you would find in a body lotion but I do love it and because it is unexpected, I sort of forget that these smell like this and it's always a bit of a surprise every time I use them!

Evolve Multi Protein Shampoo ingredients

Evolve Multi Protein Conditioner ingredients

These are 200ml and £9.99 each. I bought mine from Wholefoods but there are quite a few online retailers that stock the range.


  1. Thanks for this, they do seem to offer some good benefits, I think I'll have to try some of their haircare once i finish up the stuff I'm currently on.

  2. Hi Replica
    For me the pros definitely outweigh the cons, my hair can have some peace! I am thinking whether their other shampoos might be better on my lengths.