Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Volcano of Sparkle! Accessorize Molten Copper Illusion Nail Polish

Acessorize Molten Copper (shade 43). Two coats

Maybe volcano is an exaggeration, but boy is this glitter gorgeous and it's copper! I've wanted a copper glitter for a while and have not come across one before so when I saw this I had to get it.

This one is part of Accessorize's Illusion range of nail polishes which are supposed to give more of a multi-dimensional/duochrome effect which is truer of some of the other shades like Aztec rather then this which is more a standard glitter.

I have some more 'in your face' coloured glitters, but sometimes I like the ones that are a little more subtle (if glitter could ever be called subtle) and even though there is no denying that this is a chunky particle polish, it is more nearer my skin tone so it feels a little less 'showy'.

Also this partners very well with YSL Pink Gold nail polish (No.140) which by the way being my first YSL polish I am very impressed with (great metallic finish, good coverage and quick drying).

YSL Pink Gold on it's own, 1 coat

This is one coat of the Molten Copper on top of the YSL:

I have tried to capture the sparkle but after several failed attempts it still appears flat in the pic but in real life it looks pretty and compliments the Rose Gold well.


The staying power of this is not great - even after using inm Out The Door topcoat over this it still chipped in about a day, with the worst wear at the tips.
Also being a chunky glitter it really is a pain to remove and this is where the drawbacks of Seche Vite become rather useful as I would rather peel off a glitter nail polish then attempt to remove it with nail polish remover so I think a repurchase of Seche Vite is in order.

I am not disappointed I got it as I love the colour but I wish it lasted a little bit longer on me.

Disclaimer: All purchased by me

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