Thursday, 9 May 2013

Imedeen Derma One Review

Back at the beginning of February, British Beauty Blogger did a post on starting a trial of Imedeen skin supplements and it piqued my interest as I take quite a few supplements but not anything of this nature for my skin.

Something I was not aware of is that Imedeen do Derma Scan skin scanning so you can see at a deeper level how good your skin is. The scan is free and open to anyone, and at the end of the assessment, you get a 15 day trial pack.

I find these sorts of things fascinating and I like seeing exactly what condition my skin is in rather then guessing so I booked in for a Derma Scan back in February which was carried out by Emma. She scanned the skin (it's done on the forearm, not on the face) and I was surprised to hear that my skin was a little better than average. For reference I am 29 and my skin is acne-prone (this has calmed down somewhat over the past year), combination/dehydrated, acne scarred (my main issue) so I wasn't expecting much!

Emma recommended the Derma One which helps to 'combat loss of radiance and moisture associated with the first signs of ageing' and contains an 'exclusive Marine Complex™, vitamin C and zinc, the formula contributing to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, supports normal collagen formation and helping to maintain healthy skin'.

I went away with my trial pack and started taking the supplements straight away that same day. You take 2 a day and they are small so easy to swallow.  Typically it takes 12-24 weeks to see results which is what I was expecting so I was rather surprised when I looked in the mirror a couple of days later and was like 'no way!'
It was a minuscule change but my skin appeared somehow improved - my acne scars seemed a tiny bit refined, fractionally smoother maybe and my skin seemed softer. Thinking it was maybe my imagination, I didn't think too much of it but it wasn't until a work colleague commented several days later and asked what had I been doing as my skin had more of a 'glow'. I really could not believe that someone had noticed a change and that I was seeing results so fast.

Even after this I still was curious to see proof and the opportunity came about again when I went to the Vitality Show in March and Imedeen were there, along with the Derma Scan, so I had the scan again and here was the result:

The black line on the left side represents the epidermis - the top part of the skin you can see and touch, and on the right the coloured dots represent collagen, elastin and moisture retaining elements in the invisible dermal layer. The darker the colour and the more evenly distributed the dots, the better the quality of the skin.

Derma Scan on 9th February 2013
Derma Scan on 23rd March 2013
The first pic is the 'before' scan, and you can see that the area is not as densely packed with coloured dots. In the second 'after' pic you can clearly see a marked improvement in the density of the skin - in values it went from 45 to 67.

I am so pleased with these results and after I finished my trial pack I did go out and buy 6 months supply from Boots (thank goodness for 3 for 2!). 

It's been exactly 3 months today since I started taking Imedeen and I'm hoping with prolonged use that my skin will continue to improve and that my acne scarring will be less visible. So far, so good!

Thanks to BBB for bringing Imedeen to my attention and the lovely Emma at Imedeen!

*I am not a beauty/healthcare professional and am not affiliated with Imedeen. Opinions are my own. 
 As with any supplementation, it is advisable to seek professional advice beforehand*


  1. Interesting to read - results sound impressive look forward to seeing your thoughts after 12 weeks. I had a scan done last week and I didn't get any sample just a nail file :(

    1. It has been over 12 weeks and I'm still taking them religiously, I definitely feel that this helps my skin in terms of recovering from acne marks and just softening the appearance of imperfections. It's a shame about the trial pack, maybe it was only for a certain time?