Wednesday, 16 February 2011

NARS Desperado Nail Polish

With Flash. 3 coats

Natural Light (I nicked the finish a bit before it properly dried)
NARS Desperado is a rather unusual shade from the spring collection that to me is more a summer type shade. It is a bit deceptive - in the bottle it looks as though it may lean a bit green and the gold is slightly paler but on the nails it looks slightly different and takes on a more browny/bronzy-toned deep golden colour.

The pic is with 3 coats and it applies well without any streaks. In the pic the polish seems to contrast more with my skin when in reality I don't think it pops out that much.

I really like this teamed with deep blue accessories - I have a ring with has some lapis lazuli in it which seems to go quite nicely with this shade.


  1. That looks really nice, probably wouldn't work on my skin tone though, I like your idea of pairing it with blue accessories.
    Did anything else from their Spring collection take your fancy?

  2. Hi Replica
    I did have a good play with everything - the Tzigane lipstick is a very me shade but I have so many similar typed colours I thought I'd pass on it. I liked the Hollywoodland pencil, but again I have something similar so didn't get it.
    The Bateau Ivre duo did swatch very nicely - it looks blue and applies blue (and not some wishy-washy type colour like some blues do) - this was the only other thing I was very tempted by.

  3. I like the look of Bateau Ivre but think it might be a bit bold for me, I do think I am going to get the Nouveau Monde one though :)