Saturday, 11 December 2010

RIP Powermac G4 and an Update

I have been a bit lax with blogging of late as a week ago saw my trusted computer of almost 8yrs fail and not start up again. I am going to geek out a bit here but even though I use both Macs and PCs for work and both have their advantages/disadvantages, I am an Apple Mac girl at heart, not only are they beautifully designed, they are the business when it comes to all things computer. Even before my Mac bit the dust, it still managed to muster up the power and work - such a trooper!

At the moment I am using a dinky little netbook which for lots of tasks is not as enjoyable (even resizing an image is so laborious), so at home I am rediscovering life sans Mac which is probably a good thing although I am looking to purchase an iMac in the new year which means cutting down my makeup spending considerably (so there may be a few less new product posts)

Well enough tech talk, in the wonderful world of beauty I have been rediscovering how much I like my natural waves in my hair - especially if I can style it right! I think I may look into sea salt sprays or something for defining waves or texture, I am a bit pants at finding hair styling products, often I cannot be bothered with them. With makeup I am going a bit anti-winter and embracing a more bronzy/peachy look and have been reaching for MAC's Ripe Peach a lot these past couple of weeks. I have also been dipping my toe face into Oskia skincare so expect a post soon about that.

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