Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Saving Dearly Beloved Beauty Products

Exploring this vast beauty world has lead me to find products that adore, but instead of using these favourites, I often seem to cherish these to a point of complete non-use, I want to use up my 'just okay' stuff first then use these holy grail products. I am afraid of running out of a HG and having to buy another one when I have other things I could use, even if they are a bit 'meh' as I hate wasting products. 
Some items I am saving are my Korres Quince body butter (yummy scent!), Rimmel 60 sec Nail Polish in Rose Libertine (I hope Rimmel never discontinue this shade), and Everyday Minerals Favourite Hoodie blush. 

Do you save or use?

1 comment:

  1. I used to be a saver but now I'm a user but that is only for one product, that YSL Teint Parfait foundation.

    I have had it over two years and at first, I only used it as a treat but now I'm using it everyday and it is finally coming to an end. Everything else that I have is used whenever I need it.